Which shapes tessellate?

Regular polygons (shapes where all the angle measures and side lengths are equal) will tessellate, all quadrilaterals will tessellate, and combinations of regular polygons will tessellate. Some shapes that will tessellate are: triangles, squares, hexagons, trapezoids, rhombus/diamonds, ect. Shapes that will not tessellate are: circles, pentagons, heptagons, ect.

How can you create your own tessellation?

There are many ways you can create your own tessellation and you don't even have to follow a specific way to create one. One simple way to create a tessellation is start with a geometric shape and cut out any shape,  translate the cut-out shape vertically to the top of the gometric shape to form a new shape that will tessellate.

Who uses tesselations?

Many people use tessellations in their job nature. Examples:  A brick-layer creates tessellations while building walls, a quilt-maker sews blocks of fabric into tessellating patterns in a quilt, gardeners arrange their plants in forms creation tessellations, woodcarvers sometimes carve tesselating patterns in their woodwork, artists draw tesselating masterpieces.